just starting

Well at least I’m trying to, I think I finally, after 2 days, have figured out how to change my home page! Nothing to write home (page) about … but then again I suppose literally, it is … something to write about I mean. For my next trick I will attempt to get the other new old guy on here to contribute … something, anything I’m already tired of typing. Mrs. Prendergast in grade 9 typing would be agast at the slow rate of speed with which I am proceeding, actually, she probably wouldn’t be … she failed me in grade 9 as well.

Ok, so the real purpose of our initial attempt at a blog is that we usually email each day and we think we are funny … well, to be more acurate, Duck’s wife thinks we’re funny … I’m not sure my wife thinks we’re all that funny but that’s another story. Anyhow, we are firm believers in having a drink and a laugh … maybe not always in that order but I think you catch my drift.



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