OVER 50 …? Then you probably did some, or all of these things when you were in High School

1. Got drunk on Baby Duck wine
2. Threw up Baby Duck wine
3. Wore Seafarer high wasted Jeans
4. Listened to the Led Zepplin 4 LP over and over
5. Bought a T shirt at a BTO concert
6. Got fake ID
7. Watched ‘Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert’ on Friday Nights
8. Learned at least one Monty Python skit by heart
9. Listened to an 8 Track
10. Told everyone you got laid, even though you probably didn’t
11. Taped coins on the arm of a Stereo to stop the record from skipping
12. Learned to Puke out the window of a moving car
13. Had or wanted an MGB or a Tr6
14. Wore giant platform shoes
15. Wore embarrassingly loud check suit to Grad
16. Drank out of Stubby beer bottles
17. Put tin foil on the rabbit ears of your TV for better reception
18. Smoked bad pot and stared at a lava lamp listening to Dark Side of the Moon
19. Cruised the main street of your town in your dad’s car listening to AM radio
20. Debated whether Elton John was gay
21. Snuck into X rated movies
22. Went to massive house parties that you were never invited to
23. Did a D&D at your local late night pizza place
24. Got kicked out of many bars in spite of your fake ID
25. Washed your Levi denim Jacket 1000 times trying to fade it
26. Hung out at the Dairy Queen
27. Read Mad Magazine
28. Looked for naked chicks in National Geographic
29. Got drunk at your uncles wedding and thought no one noticed
30. Thought you were way cooler than you actually were


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