Guitar Heros of our youth

…and come to think of it …? I’m not sure I even know the name of a guitar player since the 80’s? Mind you I listen to CBC radio most of the time and they’re not noted for playing heavy guitar but there you are.  I’m sure they are out there and trying to be Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page but will I listen to them … I doubt it. Below is a collage I am still working on but have a look and see if I missed anybody … no, I’m not putting that idiot with the top hat from Guns & Roses in there … but I think I forgot Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff Beck … better fix that!



9 thoughts on “Guitar Heros of our youth

  1. OK Whits. Looks like you’re desperate for heroes in that collage. Try these: Stevie Ray, Brian May(Queen), Mick Ronson(Bowie), David Gilmour(Duh!), Alex Lifeson(Rush), Tony Iommi(Black Sabbath), Billy Gibbons(ZZ Top) and what’s wrong with Slash????
    Co-worker suggests: Yngwie Malmsteen, Bucket Head, JJ Cale and Robert Johnston

    • Good points on all those … although, I thought I did have Robert Johnson … all those guys mentioned (except Slash and Buckethead cause they are idiots) deserve to be in there somewhere, so does Marl Knofler and George Thourogood… but I’m not done yet, I’m covering a guitar amp, so I will add some more as I go…but who the fuck is Yngwie Malmsteen?

  2. Nice! I see you added Alex Lifeson, my favorite. Although my favorite image is Eddy V. Noting also his relative coolness because he’s also smoking, haha! (One of for or five in this montage)
    I love the “these go to eleven” theme in there too. Classic!
    If this is indeed a work in progress, and I see others have pointed out what they see missing… I also would like to see Michael Schenker, Tommy Shaw, Rick Neilson, Rik Emmit, Phil Collen and Randy Rhodes (RIP)… 🙂

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