The movies

Dear Whits:

Of course the down side of old guys going to the movies is that dam popcorn getting stuck in behind your dentures and causing your gums to get infected.  Then you get in a bad mood because of it and slap your wife and kick your dog. Movies and denture infections has broken up many a marriage!  The old guys are just staying home with their DVD’s, VHF and god forbid a few old Beta’s kicking around.  The joy is not having to tell the kid in front of you to turn off his 8 inch screen that is lighting the place up like the fourth of July. I’m sorry, did I say kid.  I meant one of those self entitled boomers that can’t find the off switch on their new gadget. Leave the gadgets in the car.  Nothing is that important to ruin my night out at the movies.  A great list of movies Whits!I would venture to theatres to see these for sure.  Regards, Duck


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