The Electric Kool-Aid BEER Test …

We here at Duckwhits realize (as do most Old Guys) that our time here on earth may be somewhat limited. With this in mind we have decided to use this time wisely and dedicate what precious few years we have left thinking about  … BEER.

You may be surprised to find out that not only is it a refreshing beverage but it is also good for you! And we can prove it … just look at this evidence that we found on the interweb (Hey, they wouldn’t put it up there if it wasn’t true …right?) But don’t worry, we won’t just take their word for it, there will be plenty of research done by us here at Duckwhits to substantiate these claims. I personally intend to check out #5 on the golf course this afternoon … no, no don’t thank me I don’t mind making the sacrifice. This will be on going research so stay tuned ‘The Electric Kool-aid BEER Test” has just begun. ( a little shout out to Tom Wolfe for his assistance on the title)



One thought on “The Electric Kool-Aid BEER Test …

  1. Excellent analysis of the data, Duckwhits. However, you have missed one of the key, scientifically proven benfits that beer provides to any imbider – especially middle-aged males – it makes us an infinitely better dancer. Looking forward to more posts on the benefit of my favourite beverage. Keep up the good work… KB

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