One Good Riff Deserves another … the 9 Best Guitar Riffs of All Time

We have been thinking a bit about music here at DuckWhits … naturally, most of the music we think about was made in the later part of the last century but it is music just the same. So with this in mind we have come up with a list of the best guitar riffs of all time … the only rule was each band can only have one song on the list. You may not agree (or should I say you probably won’t agree) so please feel free to pass on your thoughts on the matter using the ‘Leave a Comment’ link under the title above. These are in no particular order … so you’re saying; then why did they number them? … ok, so they are in order … ladies and gentleman … The 9 BEST RIFFS OF ALL TIME!!!!

#9 The Kinks – You Really Got Me

This is maybe where it all started, the big heavy guitar sound that carries on to this day. The Davies’ boys cut their amps up with razor blades to get the buzz effect …

#8 Black Sabath – Paranoid

Tony Lommi out did himself and Ozzie on this beauty of a Heavy Metal track .. before there was even Heavy Metal!

#7 FREE – All Right Now

Paul Kossoff has never got the recognition he deserves on this side of the Atlantic.

#6 Joan Jett – Hate Myself For Loving You

Most people would have picked ‘I love Rock n Roll’ (if any) but she really rips this one up … and looks hot doing it!

#5 AC/DC – Long Way To The Top (if ya wanna Rock & Roll)

Some would pick one of their other giant hits (all with killer riffs ) but this was the first and the best … and Angus was still an infant.

#4 Dire Straits – Money For Nothing

Mark Knopfler, although a great guitar player, maybe isn’t noted for great riffs but this one kills.

#3 Deep Purple – Smoke on the water

It had to be here … there probably isn’t one person alive who hasn’t tried to play this (very poorly) on a guitar at some point … thank you Ritchie Blackmore.

#2 Led Zepplin – Whole Lotta Love

There is so many to choose from with Jimmy Page that it is tough to only have one … but this really hits the mark.

#1 The Rolling Stones – Can’t You Hear Me Knocking

Some would argue for ‘Satisfaction’ … but this is Keith’s finest work. The solo’s in the middle are all Mick Taylor but the opening riff is pure Keith Richards.

Ok lets hear from you .. I know we left off some classics; Layla, Sharp Dressed Man, Cat Scratch Fever, Sweet Home Alabama etc … but you have to draw the line some where!

They just don’t make music like this any more … well, actually, I guess they do.


10 thoughts on “One Good Riff Deserves another … the 9 Best Guitar Riffs of All Time

  1. You’ve hit some good ones…… One of my favourites has always been the Hollies’ ” Long C ool Woman in a Black Dress”.

    Keep up the good work, Duckwhits!!


    • Great songs and fantastic guitar playing but not solid guitar ‘riffs’ … I think that will have to be left for another day … classic songs … or perhaps classic ballads …?

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