Remembering the 70’s …

I know for a lot of you this will be a difficult thing because, in the words of ‘Jim Ignitouski’ …”The 70’s were a very hard time on us” … the 1970’s definitely were a very strange, flamboyant and colourful decade.  Things were changing fast;  the Americans were landing men on the moon, Gilligan’s Island was the #1 TV show and then there was, as my dad referred to it,  that dammed  Hard Rock music played on those handy little the 8 track tapes.

During the 70’s there was an NHL hockey team based in the San Francisco Bay Area named the Oakland Seals. It was an abysmal team, always dead last and dead boring with leading scorers like Bill Hicke but in 1971 it was purchased by eccentric millionaire owner of the Qakland A’s… Charlie O. Finley. Charlie decided that his hockey team should be a little different from the rest of the teams.  He dressed them in Green and Gold (the same as his World Champion  Baseball team) and introduced white skates for his players to zoom up and down the ice on… not realizing that to hockey players white skates meant …. figure skates … not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The Seals have gone down in history as the only team ever to wear white skates and according to some of the players who were lucky enough to play there … the rest of the players in the league never let them for get it!!

Guess who the guy below is…? I’ll give you a hint … he went on to score 61 goals one year with the Flyers!



4 thoughts on “Remembering the 70’s …

  1. Reggie Leach and Bobby Clarke dynamo duo from Flin Flon Bombers, watched them in the early 70’s, beating my broncos 17-3….scarey but prolific!!

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