The Evolution of the Golden Jet

Bobby Hull was the most exciting hockey player to ever lace up skates. Not only that, he was my favourite player from the time I was old enough to start watching hockey, until he retired in the early 80’s. Whether he was with the Black Hawks, the Jets or the Hartford Whalers I followed him faithfully and insisted to anyone who would listen that he was indeed the best player in the world.

The only questionable move he made was the hair … what was with the hair Bobby ? … I could over look a bald spot … even a comb over but the wig just seemed to be a step too far.

Ah, never mind, it just doesn’t matter anymore … you’re forgiven … I just wish there was more players like you around today to make hockey worth watching again!

Here’s to the Golden Jet … the most exciting player in the history of the game!




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