Check ignition and may gods love be with you …

I was introduced to David Bowie’s music and androgynous persona at a drunken party in grade 12 by the most unlikely of sources … ‘The Harewood Boys’ (the scourge of the South End) … and I was anything but impressed. However, some 40 years later, needless to say I am forever grateful to ‘The Harewood Boys’ for they were right and I was wrong; David Bowie was a genius.



3 thoughts on “Check ignition and may gods love be with you …

  1. From a Southend boy, I loved the guy. Must be a south Nanaimo thing. Glad that I can say I saw him perform at the Coliseum. He left us with Black Star and definitely did it his way.

    • Never did see him live Sturtsie and that is definitely a regret … just another indicator that we shouldn’t wait for the right time because there may never be one.

  2. Hey Whitts, Yea that’s sad another one goes down. He was quite the artist in many ways. Never had a problem admitting to having Bowie in the record collection. Thinking of getting out this afternoon for 9. Dave

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