Strange but true facts about Bill Murray

Read a bunch of very interesting facts (it’s on the internet so it must be a fact) about ol’Uncle Bill and felt it was my duty to randomly share them with everyone from time to time …. here’s the first …



Keith’s El Ka-Bong …

He was born in 1943 during WWII in Dartford England across the street from some  kid named Michael (Mick) Jagger and went on the become possibly ‘the’ prototype for every drug addled  rock’n’roll guitar player ever since … his name is Keith Richards and he is not to be f#cked with … as this poor misguided bloke found out when he somehow got past security and ran on stage in the direct Keith’s life long friend and band mate Mick … notice how elegantly he unstraps his guitar, smacks the guy …twice mind you … and then casually straps it back on and keeps playing! Ya gotta love Keith Richards.

… & every breath we drew was Hallelujah.

Unfortunately, I never did get a chance to see Canada’s greatest singer songwriter live and in person but from all reports  his concerts were sent directly from god, his lyrics haunted you and his voice echoed through your head for days.

May you rest in peace Mr. Cohen and may your music last for all eternity. Please take the time to listen to one of his greatest songs below.