The Road Less Travelled


“The Road Less Traveled” by Robert Frost remains one of the most enigmatic and mystifying poems of the 20th century. It simultaneously stimulates, motivates and intrigues us but also leaves us with lingering feelings of loss and regret. If you’ve never read it here is your chance. I for one love to take the road less travelled.




Tom Petty’s Last Dance


What a day, first the shooting in Las Vegas and then news that another one of our rock icons has left us … who will replace people like Tom Petty? 

Probably no one in our life time.

And now this fitting tribute to Tom penned by long time fan… Mr. Cameron Kring

Tom Petty passed away today
You don’t know how it feels
We got lucky, even though he’s gone away
His music remains, although it feels unreal

He brought the songs, the beauty and the light
That made you feel like you were free falling
Or learning to fly, either one was more than all right
It was a journey you joined him on, his wonderful calling

I saw him in concert twice, both amazing
And each time I left with this incredible high
His unique sound from the amplifiers blazing
In my ears as my spirit soared in the sky

It is a useless question to ask why
He left us so soon, quite young, relatively
Today his music keeps playing in my sighs
He was Everyman to me, most definitely

Better to remember who he was while he was here
And what he brought to the fight
He wouldn’t back down from his fears
Running down a dream, and what he knew was right

For him, for us, for the song, for the record
Damn the torpedo’s, in 4/4 time
Travelin with the Wilbury’s
Before reaching the end of the line

So often my highway companion
On trips both fantasy and real
He belongs among the wildflowers
His essence time can’t steal

He’s headed off into the great wide open
With his sardonic grin and his southern accent
You wreck me Tom, you always will
But now it’s time to move on, time to get going

To a higher place, where it’s good to be King
You won’t come around here no more
We’ll miss your face in the crowd
Your music was my saving grace







The Best Golfer of All Time?

So you think Tiger Woods is the best golfer of all time?
Think again…
Have a look at this list of Top 10 Finishes in Majors
and look at Jack Nicklaus’ numbers … 73 top 10 finishes!!
That’s not a typo …. SEVENTY THREE !!!!
That’s almost twice as many as Tiger!
It includes 18 titles and 19 second place finishes …. that means
but for a stroke or 2 he could have won 30 or more majors!
And Tiger? … he had ONE second place finish …  sorry …
The Golden Bear Rules!